Spying with Giant Girl

When hurricanes, hipsters, and halfwit dictators all strike at the same time, it takes more than one hero to save the day! Lana is teaming up with Giant Girl to bring order to the crazy chaos that descends on a little tropical island in a crossover you have to see to believe!
Dec 14, 2016FNcover
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Spying with Flare

Lana, the sultry superspy of SPYING WITH LANA, and Flare, the sexy superheroine of Heroic Publishing’s FLARE team up for the sexiest crossover ever! When an international crimelord kidnaps a scientist to build an invincible superweapon, it’s up to Lana and Flare to stop him! But when one humorous mishap leads to another and another, will the sexy crimefighters be able to work together and put an end to his scheme before it’s too late?
Jan 19, 2010FlareCover
Jan 20, 2010Flare1
Jan 27, 2010Flare2
Feb 03, 2010Flare3
Feb 10, 2010Flare4
Feb 17, 2010Flare5
Feb 24, 2010Flare6
Mar 03, 2010Flare7
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May 05, 2010Flare16
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May 26, 2010Flare19
Jun 02, 2010Flare20
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Jun 16, 2010Flare22
Jun 23, 2010Flare23